New site launch - OpenHomelab

New site launch - OpenHomelab

If you have a Homelab or if you are thinking of constructing a Homelab, if you need to plan on a budget or want to know what everyone else is using, if you’ve wondered if you’re better off with a Cloudlab, but are not sure of the TCO involved, if you are studying for certifications, have a thirst for knowledge or just money to burn, then today sees the launch of a site designed just for you.

The OpenHomelab project comes out of stealth today, May 10th, so go visit the site, make an offer to pitch in with an article, share your setup, add your twopenn’orth to an existing article or just browse some of the fabulous content already created by the community, for the community - you gotta love this stuff!

Your definition of stealth may be different to mine. By stealth I mean a bunch of IT geeks discussing homelabs at a VMUG session in April and subsequently getting stuff online somewhere ASAP.

What is OpenHomelab

The Open Homelab Project is the brainchild of Alex Galbraith, who is quite a big thing in IT in these parts, yes, he’s very tall indeed. LonVMUG loves community content so when Alex offered to facilitate a session on HomeLabs back in April, with the intention of getting more people involved, looking at the range of options available, sharing the knowledge, giving plenty of people a chance to contribute, then we basically jumped at the chance.

The session was a roaring success, we discovered more people with an interest in home labs than we first though. Discussions continued in to the night over a beer or two and a core of contributors was already plotting what to do next. Before I knew what was going on, Alex and Gareth Edwards had a site shaping up and contributors were already signing up from across Europe. It was very clear that this was a project just waiting to happen.

The Open Homelab Project is now officially in Alpha. The project is in its infancy, but is growing very quickly, so get on board if you have the slightest inclination to contribute something to this project, no matter how big or how small. Everything you will need to get started as a contributor is explained at the site. The community will get out of this what the community puts in. So far, the signs are awesome!

For up to the minute updates, follow @OpenHomelab on Twitter.

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