VMworld Europe Session picks

VMworld Europe Session picks

So, the VMworld Europe schedule builder opened up today and some of the sessions are already full up. Scary. Almost every guided lab session was full up by lunchtime on day 1, I wonder if the same folks got in to all of them, quite likely!

This is the list I am thinking of at the moment. I am sure this will get turned on it’s head when more info comes out about TAM Customer Central, additional sessions get announced after the releases announced at VMworld US and I’ll need time to take a look at the solutions exchange and talk toa ll the clever folks around the place. In fact, I reckon I will probably get to 2 or 3 of these sessions a day, tops. The good thing is that they are all available later online, so no biggie.

Definitely more to be announced here

NET6618-QT - Why NSX within a SDDC? A Customer Example
Always good to hear what the customer thinks, so I’ll start with what Novamedia, one of the largest charity organisations in the world, have to say about their implementation of VMware Software-Defined Data Center with NSX.

STO4650-QT - Five Common Customer Use Cases for Virtual SAN 
Lee Dilworth and Duncan Epping. Sold. Apparrently they are going to talk about common use cases seen within the Virtual SAN install base. And give config examples. In 30 minutes.

MGT6521-QT - Adapting to Change: The IT Admin Role in the Hybrid Cloud Era 
Adapt or Die. Kevin Lees, Princapal Architect at VMware, should tell me what I need to do next.

There’s probably a keynote. I reckon vMotion to vCloud Air, VMware Integrated Containers, that sort of thing.

INF5106 - Content Library 
Pratima Rao and William Lam should help me get my content organised and shared around the place. There’s been some grumbles about the content Libray feature, so hopefully this will fill me in on what not to do.

OPT4992 - VMware vRealize Code Stream: Is DevOps about Tools or Transformation? 
That Man Kevin Lees again. I saw Code Stream at last years VMworld and it seems like a smart way to do that DevOps thing that everyone is talking about. Automating the realease process and putting in the right gates to control releases from the lowest level up to production seems crucial.

NET5529 - The Practical Path to NSX 
What to do on NSX Deployment Day 2, this session includes some practical demos and the technical stuff. I’ve not seen release 6.2, so should be able to catch up a bit in this one.

INF4535 - 5 Functions of Software Defined Availability 
Duncan and Frank. DRS, HA, SRM, Workload availability. Smashing.

Another keynote, guessing more technial content, VSAN 6.1, NSX 6.2 and more.

STO5571 - What’s New in Virtual Volumes 
SPBM is the new thing, hopefully officailly now that more vendors have released products. Intereting to see an update on this after I caught a sesion on VVOLS last yar.

INF4936 - Insight Into vSphere 6 vMotion: Architecture, Features, Performance and Debugging 
Migrations across subnets, vCenters, long distances, it’s all here. VSAN and VVOLs, Monster VMs and a what’s next to boot.

INF5177 - VMworld 2015 - vSphere Security - Fact .vs. Fiction 
Well, Mike Foley pimped this session on the VMTN podcast, which piqued my interest. Security doesn’t go away, hopefully we’ll get to see some of the more interesting security concerns addressed here!

SDDC6282-SPO - Using vSphere tags for advanced policy-driven data protection 
Rick and Luca from Veeam. I like policy based management, I like tags, I even like Veeam. I’m not picking too many vendor sessions, but this one covers backups. How could I resist?

INF5211 - Automating Everything VMware with PowerCLI – Deep Dive 
Alan AND Luc. Scripting heaven. Desired State Configuration from a CLI sounds good!

STO5787 - Architecting Site Recovery Manager To Meet Your Recovery Goals
I like listening to what GS has to say, SRMs evolved into the web client recently and I don’t know much about the VMware replication side of things, so this’ll improve my recovery performance.
How many Recovery Plans is too many, How many Protection Groups do you need?

INF5306 - DRS Advancements in vSphere 6, Advanced Concepts, and Future Directions
on the wait list for this one. On the first day! Naveen, looks like you’re gonna need a bigger boat. Almost too much to mention here, the future roadmap for DRS looks strong, including Cost Benefit and What-if Analysis, plus future migrations to the cloud.
Not surprised it’s rammed.

SDDC5027 - VCDX Unwrapped - Everything You Wanted to Know About VCDX
Five VCDX’s reveal all. The ins and outs of VMware’s Premier Certification with audience Q&A. A seriously heavyweight session which will tell attendees what they need to put in to acheive this prestigious certification.

INF5432 - Infrastructure as Code - Ban Snowflake Deployments
Puppet, Docker, Photon, automation and DevOps approaches. A good session to finish the week!

Hope to see you there!

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